The Diversity Group

Founded in 2006, The Diversity Group was set up, with the aim of eliminating barriers within employment, education & training for diverse groups throughout the UK.

The Diversity Group is a one stop shop that delivers a wide range of multimedia services to reassure and encourage people from the most deprived areas to further their careers. Diversity goes beyond fair & equal treatment to recognise and appreciate the benefits that people’s different talents bring to an organisation or community, and here at The Diversity Group we value this and embrace and celebrate Equality & Diversity at its highest form.

Over the last thirty years, despite terrific progress being made and Equality & Diversity evolving into a part of our everyday lives, it is still clear that a vast majority of people from across the UK, that come from minority backgrounds; don’t believe that this is the case.  Whether it be through personal bad experiences, media bias or of their own expectations, people feel that discrimination is still a major factor in employment.

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