School Workshop

This unique workshop will give pupils the confidence and boost to believe that they can achieve their desired career whilst focusing on aiming higher within their respective career opportunities.

The Diversity Group Workshop is focused on Equality & Diversity within the workplace and is predominantly aimed at 14-18 year old’s who reside from inner city areas, or those that may have come from a disadvantaged background. This particular age group is important because students will be starting to think about what options they have after taking their GCSE’s and considering what path they wish to take in order to reach their chosen career.

The reason why The Diversity Group School Workshop is so unique is because we provide students with the ability to talk to major employers whilst breaking down stereotypical career paths. We also highlight many different types of careers of which the students may not have considered.

Our workshops are hugely rewarding and we feel are a memorable experience for pupils, providing an inspiring day that is both educational and fun.

For further information about The Diversity Group School Workshop Program please CLICK HERE