Excellence in Diversity Audit

An organisation committed to diversity, is one that aims to harness a pool of individuals with unique qualities and various perspectives; The Excellence in Diversity Audit will facilitate your organisation to develop and analyse training programmes, recruitment procedures and necessary measures to showcase your commitment to embedding inclusion within your company’s values.

The definitive Excellence in Diversity Audit is an essential part to an organisations equality strategy. We understand that each organisation differs to the next, and no matter how well you are doing; there is always room for improvement. This audit is not about looking at your gaps and areas for improvement in a negative way, but as a tool for improvements and making sure you are using your resources in the right areas.

Diversity is all around us, but Inclusion is making sure we harness this, and this dynamic tool is the first step to evolving this vision. During this journey, we will be helping you recognise your strengths and areas that need improvement. Depending on the package you take we can offer you the support and resources to put those improvements in place.


Our leading comprehensive audit will provide a clear profile and summary of your organisation, which can be utilised as a key instrument in the pursuit of your organisations equality and diversity strategy. Recommendations from the audit will make sure your organisations diversity and inclusion strategy and objectives are based on real information which can easily be evidenced.

Our unique design and approach has been constructed to support employers to actively adopt an inclusive work strategy. We will engage with as many of your staff as possible to gain the most diverse aspect of view we can, thus enabling you to engage with your workforce as widely as possible.

For further information about the Excellence in Diversity Audit please visit www.excellenceindiversity.co.uk/audit